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Selling through referrals is unpredictable, and can’t be scaled to new market segments.


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I never thought I will say this but you are killing me with meetings. I love it. Congrats. Good job!!! Thank you.

Robert Orehek, CBDO @ Tom PIT

The BizXpand Outbound Prospecting Machine produced 767 sales meetings in 2023.


Lead Generation in DACH

1. Message-Market-Fit

Outbound prospecting and German business culture both have very specific needs that we adapt for you.

2. Lead Nurturing

High integrity, lead generation and lead nurturing for continued growth of your sales funnel.

3. Appointment Setting

We coordinate the meetings for you. Our work is not finished until you and the prospect have the appointment in the calendar.

You work with the founders

You only meet with our founders. Only the founders design and are responsible for your campaigns.

German focus

We are part of the German business culture, understand its specifics and can credibly communicate your high-tech offering to the German-speaking market. In German native language.

Tangible results

We deliver arranged meetings with decision makers within your target audience and honest customer feedback.

Quality over Quantity

We stand for high integrity, one-to-one engagements. No spam campaigns that kill your reputation in the market.

Why Choose Us

Discover the Advantages of Choosing Our Service

BizXpand founders started as quota carrying salespeople that needed leads. 10+ years later and thousands of failures and successes, they now lead the most sophisticated and experienced team of DACH B2B outbound lead generation experts.

Companies that work with us


Real Experiences from Our Customers

Serengeti went through very dynamic and high growth period in last few years. Around half of our revenue comes from DACH market. Martin works for us for many years as our sales executive for DACH region. Martin always had very good and reliable results in customer acquisition. He proved to be able to define sales strategy and then be very successful in implementing it. We have very successful cooperation and we would always recommend Martin and his team.

Lead Generation Germany Austria Switzerland - Appointment Setting with BizXpand 1
Goran Kalanj CEO at Serengeti

The scientific approach to lead generation really worked for us. Our target industries saw major changes in the last years and we expanded with offices all around Europe. BizXpand adapted, perfected, and expanded with us. Years later, the lead output is nearly 400% more!

Roberto Graziotin
Robert Graziotin VP Chief of International Sales & Development at TESISQUARE

I never thought I will say this but you are killing me with meetings. I love it. Congrats. Good job!!! Thank you.

robert orehek tom pit
Robert Orehek CBDO at Tom PIT

Martin and his team helped us to test the German fashion retail market for our software solutions. They did it in the most effective and most efficient way. Within 3 to 4 months we got insightful and useful information we could use to adapt our value proposition in DACH.

Lead Generation Germany Austria Switzerland - Appointment Setting with BizXpand 3
Rene Schrama International Business Development at Doddle Ltd.

We knew we had excellent technology and had good feedback on the initial project we delivered, but we did not know how to systematically create a pipeline of good, quality customers. BizXpand succeeded so well that now our product is sold by 70 global salesmen.

Lead Generation Germany Austria Switzerland - Appointment Setting with BizXpand 5
Michael Schmidt Managing Partner at Ventum/Automic GmbH

I really appreciated Martin's professionalism and mastery in the domain of business development. Objectives, method and time planning were clearly shared at the beginning and respected in the execution. I also greatly appreciated the ability to gather feedback from prospects and adjust the message as needed to maximize the outcome.

Stefano Butti, Servitly
Stefano Butti Co-founder & CEO @ Servitly

Martin is the perfect combination of highest professionalism and strongest personality. His ability to sum up complex coherences and express them in simple words is just amazing. Our cooperation was always characterized by constructive and target driven approaches and ideas. Having him active for our products and solutions gives us always a good feeling. We can recommend Martin and his team to anyone who wants to develop and scale his business in a professional way.

Lead Generation Germany Austria Switzerland - Appointment Setting with BizXpand 7
Matthias Uhl CEO at Die Werkbank GmbH

We work with BizXpand to expand our BI business into Austria and Germany. They help us to find and support local solution partners as well as direct customers. Without BizXpand it would have been extremely difficult for us to get the required traction in the market.

Lead Generation Germany Austria Switzerland - Appointment Setting with BizXpand 9
Frenk Skedelj Director Business Development at Result d.o.o.

We worked with BizXpand to expand our IT Professional Services business to the DACH market. Martin and his team helped us to articulate a compelling value proposition for that market segment and to close the first deals.

Borut Sepetavc
Borut Sepetavc International Sales PS & Consulting @ NIL

We started working with Martin in the beginning of 2020. Even though corona crisis stroke shortly after, Martin managed to bring many sales qualified leads that later converted into paying customers. Martin knows DACH market really well, he is very organized, he likes to have everything structured. It has been a pleasure working with him!

Blaz Zafosnik
Blaž Zafošnik Co-founder VIAR Inc.

At Infinum we work on delivering premium digital products that solve real-life problems. Even though this type of business is mostly about relationships and referrals, we were able to gain high-quality sales leads thanks to Martin’s outbound lead generation efforts. It took us less than three months of collaboration to start generating the first sales opportunities. I’m happy to recommend Martin and his team for any outbound lead generation in complex IT and software businesses.

Lead Generation Germany Austria Switzerland - Appointment Setting with BizXpand 11
Nikola Kapraljevic CEO at Infinum

Martin has great experience and a deep understanding of the IT industry, marketing, and sales. This combination is not so easy to find. It enables him to target the right audience, create a strategy and execute it. He also knows the DACH market very well and continues to generate leads.

Lead Generation Germany Austria Switzerland - Appointment Setting with BizXpand 13
Zoran Stankovic CEO & Founder at ARS Embedded Systems LLC

BizXpand helped us sharpen our positioning in a very specific market segment. With their help, we found many sales-qualified​ leads.

Rahul Prajapat
Rahul Prajapat Founder of Tvarit

Martin and the team did an excellent job in helping us to find our competitive edge and to identify many high-potential contacts. Especially during the preparatory workshops, their approach with continuous questions and their methodical pursuit of qualifying our unfair added value allowed us to recalibrate our initial assumptions with a much more focused and customer-oriented message. The outcome allowed us to simplify but make our strengths particularly attractive in an elegant manner.

Stefano Chiavegati
Stefano Chiavegati Chief Sales & Operations Officer at Two Impulse

I highly recommend working with Martin and his team. Martin's systemic nature and technical background makes him a reliable sales dev component for any B2B sales team. Thanks to his no-BS approach he won't burn through your prospects and will give you an honest feedback which is quite unique given the consulting nature of his work. I really appreciate the honesty.

Milan Novota
Milan Novota CEO at Pygmalios

What do you want to know?

Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell:

- You get meetings and not just “positive replies”.
- We understand the German market specifics and business culture.
- We only do High-tech, IT and SaaS.
- We are specialized on complex B2B sales to mid-size and large size enterprises.
- You work directly with the BizXpand founders. No junior account management.

We book sales meetings for high-tech B2B companies that want to grow their sales funnel and win more deals in Germany.

Both! Our tactics are ideal to sell high-ticket offers. Characteristics of “high ticket” are:

- consultative selling.
- multi-touch.
- multiple decision makers/influencers.
- longer sales cycles, no transactional sales.
- higher customer lifetime value (CLV > €30k).
- typical targets: "German Mittelstand" (companies between 200 and 5000 employees) and Large Enterprises (5000+)

We always start in DACH, after proving message-persona-fit in DACH we can expand our services to other countries in Europe.

Currently we run campaigns in BeNeLux, the Nordics, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, and Ireland.

We don't do UK and USA.

Most companies we work with, find a very scalable sales approach with BizXpand for the DACH market and above.

Additional benefits include new feedback channels from your target audience (not just from the ones that buy from you, but also the ones that don’t and reasons why). Also, the process of distilling your values into a message-persona-fit usually triggers new ways of thinking about your general value to customers.

We charge a monthly retainer plus a meeting fee.

A  success-only based business model works well for:

- Low-ticket offers.
- Very short sales cycles.
- Established brands.
- Established markets and market position.
- More transactional sales.
- Less experienced sales staff needed.

We tend to work for companies that meet these criteria:

- High-ticket offers.
- Need new customer acquisition (as they’re in a new market).
- Longer sales cycles.
- Products need to be differentiated and messages need to be developed and market tested.
- Complexity of new market.
- Experienced business developers required.

- A great offering that people need.
- Funding and energy for 3 months to prove success.
- One time participation of key people (with open minds) for the kickoff workshop + a few hours of followup homework.
- A customer facing salesperson eager to attend meetings and willing to fight to convert them into business.

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