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EU Manufacturing Has Changed How They Buy

We work with a number of industries in the German speaking market.  None has changed more strongly and more times than manufacturing.  In fact, our 2021 analysis had Manufacturing as our most productive industry segment and good chance it will be our 2022 winner as well. What is going on? 

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Outbound 2022
Lead Generation

State of Outbound Leadgeneration

As everyone returns from holiday, I thought it might be useful to talk about how outbound lead generation is working this year. Here are some highlights when reviewing the data and comparing to previous years.

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Outbound Techniques
Lead Generation

Great Outbound Techniques that BizXpand does NOT use

Anyone can send emails and post on LinkedIn. In this article, Matt Mayfield discusses some great Outbound Techniques – Outside of BizXpand, I am personally consulting several US companies with their own internal SDR (Sales Development Reps) focused on US customers. For these companies, the value of single lead can

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Lead Generation

People Behind BizXpand

You might have heard about BizXpand’s founders Matt Mayfield and Martin Weiss but there are 6 more great team players. Once in a while we go out for pizza & beer. Take a look at the pictures from our last team meeting in March 2022.    

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Process Analysis
Lead Generation

Sales lead generation – what we learned last year

We reviewed all our mature client campaign performance in 2021. Results were consistent with previous years, but this year we did a big more analysis and discovered some surprises:   What drives conversion in sales lead generation We continued to use a variation of our 2020 multi-channel (LinkedIn and email)

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Outbound B2B Lead Generation in DACH

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