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Some sales thought leaders to follow

We’re not always entirely that excited by thought leadership — in general if someone is posting 10 times a day about sales, and each of those posts takes about six minutes or so to compose (often it takes longer than that), that also means there’s an hour per day that

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Outsource Sales

What do we think technology will do to sales, ultimately?

The thing is: we honestly do not know for sure. Go back to 2000. Google was only four years old. Salesforce had only been founded the year before (February 1999). Hubspot was five years away and the iPhone was about seven years away. The first open-source CRM wouldn’t be developed

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Go To Market

The pros and cons of indirect sales

We’ve talked before about channel sales not being great for new markets. That can vary a little bit by industry, but in general channel partners have a great reach but are best for high-volume, low-margin business. Complex solutions really isn’t something you want channel for.  Within this discussion is a

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German Market

2020 recession possibility: What industries are safe?

There is some belief that Germany is already in an industrial recession, and that it might continue as a full-blown recession or a downturn into 2020. There are all sorts of different theories on how this might play out, such as “Fight the recession with spending” or “Double down on

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B2B Sales

You actually need LESS success stories in sales

We’ve written before about how blogging is a good lead generation tool, and it definitely is. But you also need to look at this chart: That’s the amount of content posted on WordPress from 2006 until May 2015. In May 2015, it was up to 58 million posts per month

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Lead Generation

The always-tricky alignment of sales and marketing

“Marketers are from Venus and salespeople are from Mars,” according to a popular HubSpot article.  For example – in that same study – 40 percent of marketers admitted not knowing what a sales-qualified lead is, and 59 percent of marketers noted they have no formal agreement with sales in terms of

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German Market

Trying to do biz in Germany? We’ve got a test market for you.

Europe’s largest national economy is (somewhat obviously) Germany, which is fourth globally in nominal GDP. (Behind the United States, China, and Japan.)  Germany’s economic output is even more relevant because it has about 80M residents, whereas the U.S. has over 300M, China has over 1 billion, and Japan has about

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