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Value proposition
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The real deal is value proposition

When you work with a sales team — either in-house or outsourced — oftentimes the people who write the checks, i.e. the decision-makers or stakeholders, want to see the deals closed. You know the whole love affair with Glengarry Glen Ross and “coffee is for closers,” or the movie Boiler

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Outsourcing projects
Outsource Sales

Should outsourcing projects be viewed negatively?

Let’s ask a real question up front: do you think that the idea of outsourcing projects (i.e. outsourcing anything) is a bad word? That it has a negative connotation? Many people probably do — as economies grow, it’s usually a word associated with replacing middle-class-type labor with cheaper, overseas labor

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Business expansion
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Business expansion: A new idea to consider

Business expansion is everything. You know the old saying about “If you’re not growing, you’re dying…” Probably truer in digital business than anything, especially right now. Look at a company like Amazon. They basically didn’t turn a profit for close to 20 years, but remained the darlings of investors and

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Stop thinking your brand is so unique

  A lot of men who come to run companies believe deeply in the company. Whether that’s because they can’t have kids themselves and this is what they “created” (psychology!) or whether it’s another reason, they nonetheless think very strongly about this organization. Over time, they often come to think

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Brexit German Markets
German Market

Article 50 triggered. Are your business needs shifting?

Article 50 — the measure by which nations can leave the European Union — was officially triggered recently, meaning the process of UK removal — i.e. Brexit — is underway. While it will probably take 24 months or longer to completely sort out, it seems like a rational time to

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