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German Market

6 Tips for Adapting your Outbound Technique from USA to Germany

Outside of BizXpand, I do work with US based SaaS companies with their Lead and Sales systems.  It is no secret that nearly all techniques used at BizXpand have their origins from the amazing innovation in Silicon Valley style SaaS demand generation teams.  However, not all techniques transfer.  Most need

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outbound lead
Lead Generation

Outbound Lead and Inbound Lead: What happens to a Salesperson?

One of our specialties at BizXpand is helping companies make the transition to outbound.  That means prior to working with us, their leads typically come from referral, relationships, or inbound visits to their website. While systematic outbound has some amazing properties (predictable, cost effective, and strong ideal customer profile match),

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early stage saas
Lead Generation

How to really grow an early stage SaaS

The Problem for Early Stage SaaS For an early stage SaaS, sales leads are driven by relationships and inbound discovery. This means customers are usually diverse and scalability is slow and complex. Other techniques (especially digital marketing with a content strategy) require highly focused and validated audience-value-message fit. How to

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lead generation
Lead Generation

Is your product keeping you from systematic lead generation?

Systematic lead generation is the key to predictable revenue.  When you have a reliable supply of leads, you can choose the right prospects.  This makes sales more efficient, delivering value easier, and ultimately more margin.  Rinse, wash, repeat and you have a turbocharged company.   The reverse is also true. 

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exporting business
Go To Market

Exporting business? 10 Questions To Get This Done Right

Exporting business? When you want to successfully expand your business to other geographies or segments you have to find answers to these questions: What is the ideal market segment for exporting my business? Who are the decision makers, decision influencers? What are their personal problems, needs and desired end results?

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B2B Sales

3 things in sales what we learned in COVID

No, I will not talk about the endless possibilities of remote working and WFH. We all had to do that and for some it worked better than for others – it really depends on your individual situation at home. I want to show you 3 real things our clients faced

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Outbound B2B Lead Generation in DACH

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