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Sales Approach
B2B Sales

Your sales approach isn’t about you

And what’s your sales approach? For sales reps and principals, there is a big battle in terms of sales approach. Let me set this one up for you. Some salespeople are commission-only (not all, but some). In those situations, they need to be proactive at getting leads, nurturing leads, and

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Business Planning Process
Go To Market

How do you get your product successfully onto the open market?

Your business planning process is important. Think about it like this: if you’re an entrepreneur (or an intrapreneur), how do you successfully get your product onto the open market? It’s through a process. All the great company stories — and individuals — have one. (And yes, many times the first part of

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Cold calling
Lead Generation

Should you stop cold calling?

Since digital tools became more available (which seems to increase every year), there’s been a constant debate around sales methodology for first approach and nurturing. In short: is cold calling dead? Should you stop cold calling? Should you replace cold calling with e-mailing, or should it be a mix?

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Commission Only
Outsource Sales

When does commission only work well?

Commission only jobs — especially within sales — are a complex topic on both sides of the employer-employee relationship. Principals tend to love them in a lot of different ways: if they get a high-performer, they are paying more, but that also means they are making more. If they have

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Content Marketing Outbound Sales
B2B Sales

Content marketing does work for outbound sales

There is sometimes a belief that content marketing, which is normally associated with inbound sales and marketing efforts, doesn’t work with outbound sales. That’s actually not true — and thinking that is a mistake for your business. Content marketing is about educating people (ideally). A lot of times people do

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Global Business Hub is Vienna
German Market

Global business: 6 reasons Vienna is a hub

Last week, we wrote a post about the secret sauce to winning the German sales market. In short: use Austria as a test market. It’s smaller, it’s technologically-advanced and cosmopolitan, and it’s German-speaking. Most approaches that work in Austria work in Germany, although Germany can make you a lot more

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Outbound Sales
B2B Sales

Outbound sales is sexy again

For much of the last half-decade, it felt like outbound sales (“traditional” sales) was dying and inbound sales (content-driven) was replacing it. At the end of 2015, people were writing articles about how inbound killed the cold call — the cold call is a staple of outbound sales — and

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Sales specialization: How to scale your business

Traditional sales, thought of in a relationship-building context, usually involves one sales rep getting a “lead,” nurturing that lead into a paying client/customer, and then continuing along with that person, who is now probably slugged as an “account.” (This all varies by organization in terms of the words people use.)

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B2B Sales

My 3 favorite books about Modern Enterprise Sales

Let me share with you my 3 favorite books that inspired and thought me about Modern Enterprise Sales. If you need fresh inspiration read them in that order: Aaron Ross “Predictable Revenue”, Matthew Dixon “The Challenger Sale” and Mark Roberge “The Sales Acceleration Formula”.

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sales metrics
B2B Sales

20 Sales Metrics for Outbound Enterprise Sales

Conventional wisdom holds that revenue-per-sales-rep is the one and only sales metrics that ultimately matters in sales management. Partially true but sales process optimisation is all about identifying key strengths and coalescing the sales team into an efficient and scalable sales machine.

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