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Outsource Sales

German Expansion: Who Shall Be Your First Employee?

Let’s say you’re a U.S. company looking to expand your business. Germany’s a big fish. It has its own problems, yes — all countries do — but let’s face it: with Brexit and its repercussions, London is no longer your best play in Europe. If you want to work the

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How to turbo-charge your phone as a sales engine.
Lead Generation

How to turbo-charge your phone as a sales engine

When sales guys ask me about the phone and the role of the phone now, this is what I always say: the phone actually can be turbo-charged as a sales engine, but not because of anything to do with cold calling people. It gets turbo-charged by email.

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Content Marketing
Lead Generation

Why BizXpand started with Content Marketing

Sometimes I get asked why, if I work in outbound sales, I also do content marketing. For example, I have a blog (you’re reading it now) and I have an e-mail newsletter (you might read that too), and those are sometimes things that outbound sales specialists don’t do. What gives?

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Niche Market
Outsource Sales

Become a world expert in a niche market

Sometimes, entrepreneurs can worry that focusing on a niche market means they are aiming too low or trying to be too small. That’s actually not the case. It’s opposite. Let’s look at this from a few different perspectives. A niche market allows you to understand dominate in one area, focusing

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Sales Outsourcing
Outsource Sales

Will sales outsourcing increase revenue?

Sales is the major function of almost all businesses; oftentimes it’s the primary revenue-generating function. But yet, more and more companies outsource sales. Why? Is this a good strategy? Does it lead to an increase in sales? Why do companies usually try sales outsourcing? There are a few different reasons, and

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Sales Approach
B2B Sales

Your sales approach isn’t about you

And what’s your sales approach? For sales reps and principals, there is a big battle in terms of sales approach. Let me set this one up for you. Some salespeople are commission-only (not all, but some). In those situations, they need to be proactive at getting leads, nurturing leads, and

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Business Planning Process
Go To Market

How do you get your product successfully onto the open market?

Your business planning process is important. Think about it like this: if you’re an entrepreneur (or an intrapreneur), how do you successfully get your product onto the open market? It’s through a process. All the great company stories — and individuals — have one. (And yes, many times the first part of

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