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Go To Market

Where does “go-to-market” actually begin?

The common way companies look at “go to market” You develop a product (or minimum viable product) or service idea. Now you need to start making money from it. So you go hire a salesperson, probably based on their geography, career history, or experience within your industry. The thinking goes

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Go To Market

“Anybody can benefit from our solution!” (Nope.)

“Anybody can benefit from our solution!” This is a common refrain in sales discussions. It makes sense because, to a less-established salesperson, it feels like a way to cast a wide net and get lots of prospects to convert quickly. It makes your solution seem like it can do anything.

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Lead Generation

What nearshoring in DACH looks like right now

If you’re never heard the term “nearshoring,” it’s the process of getting work done in neighboring countries instead of your own. Usually this refers to software development. A big problem in DACH is a tech skills gap. By some estimates, DACH is about negative-1 million on the tech/IT roles it

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B2B Sales

When should you price higher?

We hold this truth to be self-evident: Most (OK, all) for-profit businesses want to make more money. If you price higher, you can do that. But oftentimes companies are reluctant to price higher, fearing customers will flee to a competitor. In what contexts could you consider pricing higher? We’re here

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Lead Generation

The four main problems of lead generation

Very obvious statement to open: to grow a business, you need a pipeline. To have a pipeline, you need leads. Hopefully none of that was new information for anyone reading this. That’s the core/crux of sales. But despite the importance of leads, a lot of companies do struggle with lead

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