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Lead Generation

The four main problems of lead generation

Very obvious statement to open: to grow a business, you need a pipeline. To have a pipeline, you need leads. Hopefully none of that was new information for anyone reading this. That’s the core/crux of sales. But despite the importance of leads, a lot of companies do struggle with lead

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Outsource Sales

When you sell services, what’s your differentiator?

What actually is your differentiator? A lot of people running businesses or silos seem to think the answer to that question is one of two possibilities: Our product Our tech & quality of service Can’t tell you how many information-seeking calls in different industries (partnership, sales as the goal) include

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German Market

Five ways the German/DACH market is specifically different

Five ways the German/DACH market is specifically different Fact: Every global market you can play in is different. Fact: Germany is the largest economy in Europe. Fact: There is money to be made here. But then we come to our first fiction. There are thousands of articles online about the

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B2B Sales

Don’t use your colleague’s sales playbook

What exactly is a sales process? And how individual is it? These are important questions that we often don’t address. We try to pin a sales process down to something that’s repeatable for dozens to hundreds of people, but that might be entirely impossible. Many sales processes are inherently individual.

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Go To Market

How to get a faster time-to-market in a new area

If you want to grow a business, what do you typically need to do? Basic ways: Increase revenue from core products/services Enter new markets or verticals The first one is hard because at a certain point, unless you’re asking people to repurchase every year (Bloomberg terminals, etc.), there’s a saturation

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Lead Generation

Who cares if you got a lead if you can’t nurture it?

Companies often spend a mint on lead generation, and that makes sense. The old adage is about “if you’re not growing, you’re dying.” Well, you can’t grow without leads, right? So lead generation is obviously going to be pretty important. None of this is rocket science just yet. A few

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