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What is your CTA?

Here’s a stat to blow your hair back: There are over 700 million active websites in the world, give or take. Of those, 72% fail to “consistently engage users or drive conversions.” At the same time, there’s close to 2 million different apps right now; 200 of those 2 million

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Go To Market

Is the market ready for your offer?

We hold these truths to be self-evident: There are great products, and great markets, but is the market always ready for the product? Absolutely not. In fact, we have a personal business story about just this topic.

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content marketing
Lead Generation

Blogging: The best lead gen tool (yep)

“Blogging” can feel like an old-school concept. Isn’t that something people did in 2006? And it can feel disconnected to sales — after all, there are lots of sales blogs and sales LinkedIn/social posts, and most of them sound like bullshit. Wouldn’t you rather focus on a calling/emailing/meeting strategy to

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Lead Generation

EMail marketing in the GDPR era

What do you need to know about email marketing, or at the very least sending emails to prospects, in the “GDPR Era?” Before we get started on this: here’s a look at GDPR slightly past its one-year anniversary in Germany, and here’s a quick look at using voicemail, texting, and

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Lead Generation

Using subject matter expertise in lead generation

There are about six million different approaches to lead generation. Probably 97 percent of them will never work, although companies keep trying them. At its heart, lead generation is about conveying trust and value to someone who isn’t a customer yet. They are still a “lead,” and they might be

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