New Outbound sales is about relationships

New Outbound sales is about relationships

I hear you say: “Inbound sales should be about relationships. It should be about educating prospects and leads and getting into conversations.”

The problem is, it’s often about tricks. “Give me your email address and I promise 29,992% growth in six months!” You give your e-mail address. You get a 500-word article that says “You need senior leadership buy-in.” You say, “What? This will lead to 30,000% growth?”

Of course it won’t. The way many approach inbound sales is tricks. Games. Ways to “beat a system.”

Hey, we are in 2020. We all know what we trade our email addresses for, we all know that most emails are highly personalized but automated. We know what we can expect from content marketing…

Outbound sales has flaws, yes absolutely. But outbound sales is about getting in direct contact with decision-makers, understanding their pain points, having conversations with them, and ultimately offering solutions.

Some outbound tactics can be very “sales-y,” for sure. Especially cold calling and email prospecting. I am not arguing outbound sales is perfect. BTW: In the past years outbound sales changed and improved. New Outbound is no longer about cold call –> meeting –> negotiating –> closing. It’s about value adding relationships.

What are the impacts on new outbound

  • you have to act omni-channel. Building relationships over LinkedIn and take them offline at the right moment is crucial.
  • sales cycles appear to become longer. You need to actively build relationships before you can enter you “sale cycle”.
  • segmentation and (real) personalization becomes 100 x more important than it was 5 years ago.
  • yes, you still need the right “chunk of content” for the right buyer stage, sorry! Content, since omni-channel look different.

I’m saying that everything operates along a continuum. When you go too far in one direction — everyone publishing blog posts and sending social media blasts and designing apps — then people get tired of that and want the pendulum to swing back.

Last decade, inbound sales was so hot. But now outbound sales is sexy again. If done right, it goes complementary to inbound sales.

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