[Video] Adapting Field Sales to Selling-at-a-Distance

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are feeling the effects of the last couple weeks.

Covid-19 has fundamentally collapsed the way most of us meet and sell– increasingly, many are concluding that this disruption will have longer term effects on sales and business development.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have plans and strategies for this type of problem– this is a ‘black swan’ moment. Increasingly, much of our industry is scrambling to answer —

  • What can I do this week to close deals in my funnel?
  • What new business can be generated near term?
  • Can I build a lead and sales that can sell with less F2F dependancies?


We’re all in this together!

LIVE Webcast w/ Matt Mayfield & Martin Weiss, recorded April 8th at 4pm CET

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