We send emails on behalf of our clients

We send emails on behalf of our clients

Martin, Co-founder and Sales Principal at BizXpand says:

“We send emails on behalf of our clients. First, we research companies and people and then we send them a series of well written emails. We have optimized this process and can send around 500 emails to 150 new people every month.”


Marita, Sales Development Manager at BizXpand says:

“We bring matching B2B customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to international software and services companies in a scalable, predictable and affordable way. We help our clients to book more meetings and close more sales.”


Question: What resonates more? What do you need? What do you pay for? Emails or qualified meetings?

What do your customers need? Developers? A software tool? Artificial intelligence? I really don’t think so.

Start talking about the hole and not about the drill!

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