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You actually need LESS success stories in sales

We’ve written before about how blogging is a good lead generation tool, and it definitely is. But you also need to look at this chart: That’s the amount of content posted on WordPress from 2006 until May 2015. In May 2015, it was up to 58 million posts per month

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B2B Sales

What is your CTA?

Here’s a stat to blow your hair back: There are over 700 million active websites in the world, give or take. Of those, 72% fail to “consistently engage users or drive conversions.” At the same time, there’s close to 2 million different apps right now; 200 of those 2 million

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B2B Sales

When should you price higher?

We hold this truth to be self-evident: Most (OK, all) for-profit businesses want to make more money. If you price higher, you can do that. But oftentimes companies are reluctant to price higher, fearing customers will flee to a competitor. In what contexts could you consider pricing higher? We’re here

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