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Outbound sales is sexy again

For much of the last half-decade, it felt like outbound sales (“traditional” sales) was dying and inbound sales (content-driven) was replacing it. At the end of 2015, people were writing articles about how inbound killed the cold call — the cold call is a staple of outbound sales — and

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My 3 favorite books about Modern Enterprise Sales

Let me share with you my 3 favorite books that inspired and thought me about Modern Enterprise Sales. If you need fresh inspiration read them in that order: Aaron Ross “Predictable Revenue”, Matthew Dixon “The Challenger Sale” and Mark Roberge “The Sales Acceleration Formula”.

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sales metrics
B2B Sales

20 Sales Metrics for Outbound Enterprise Sales

Conventional wisdom holds that revenue-per-sales-rep is the one and only sales metrics that ultimately matters in sales management. Partially true but sales process optimisation is all about identifying key strengths and coalescing the sales team into an efficient and scalable sales machine.

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