Selling to Germany: Myths vs Requirements

selling into Germany

Selling to Germany seems to be one of mankind’s biggest mysteries. We often hear from companies that want to sell into Germany: “We are talking to our legal advisor about setting up a GmbH (Ltd.) in Germany to be able to work the DACH market.” Let’s debunk some of the myths here:   Do I […]

Kaltakquise in 2022: 5 Gründe, warum der “deutsche” Ansatz nicht funktioniert


“Kaltakquise, gibts das noch?” Vor 2 Monaten stellte unser Kunde einen neuen Vertriebsleiter für Deutschland ein. Als wir einander vorgestellt wurden, hat er gemeint “Herr Weiss, ich habe schon einiges über die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit gehört aber ich muss zugeben, dass ich sehr verblüfft war, als ich erfahren habe, dass BizXpand die qualifizierten Meetings für uns […]

6 Tips for Adapting your Outbound Technique from USA to Germany

6 Tips for Adapting your Outbound Technique from USA to Germany 1

Outside of BizXpand, I do work with US based SaaS companies with their Lead and Sales systems.  It is no secret that nearly all techniques used at BizXpand have their origins from the amazing innovation in Silicon Valley style SaaS demand generation teams.  However, not all techniques transfer.  Most need to be adapted and some […]

Want to sell SaaS to the German B2B market?


The German B2B market for high ticket SaaS is tricky, but if you nail it, it can be very profitable for you and your company. It’s tricky because German buyers are generally very skeptical, even in SaaS (=Cloud) sales plays. That means they tend to expect a personal demo or face-to-face meeting (Covid19?), and maybe […]

What’s the role of voicemail, LinkedIn, and SMS in DACH?

What’s the role of voicemail, LinkedIn, and SMS in DACH? 2

SalesHacker did an “Ultimate Sales Engagement Survey,” and the results are live at that link. Some is predictable: LinkedIn is only effective if you have a tailored message, for example. C-Suiters often don’t have office phones (that might be less predictable) but even if they do, they don’t necessarily want to be hit up on […]

Don’t compete with locals on the same service!

don't compete with locals

I work a lot with international B2B services companies in the software and IT space that want to enter the German speaking market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). One issue that comes up a lot is this idea of “don’t compete with locals.”. Here’s an example: A German IT services company (prospect) to a Croatian IT services […]

3 positive aspects of COVID-19


We’re all aware about the negative aspects and consequences of the corona virus. I’m an optimistic person and actually it didn’t take me that long to find also 3 very positive aspects of the situation, we’re currently in.   Remote-work works – nearshoring works Myths like “working from home doesn’t work in our company”, “people […]

2020 recession possibility: What industries are safe?

2020 recession possibility: What industries are safe? 4

There is some belief that Germany is already in an industrial recession, and that it might continue as a full-blown recession or a downturn into 2020. There are all sorts of different theories on how this might play out, such as “Fight the recession with spending” or “Double down on the Green Economy.” What we […]

Trying to do biz in Germany? We’ve got a test market for you.

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Europe’s largest national economy is (somewhat obviously) Germany, which is fourth globally in nominal GDP. (Behind the United States, China, and Japan.)  Germany’s economic output is even more relevant because it has about 80M residents, whereas the U.S. has over 300M, China has over 1 billion, and Japan has about 130M.  In short: if you […]