The Power of Discovery Calls

Discovery Call

Apart from generating leads and revenue, outbound campaigns are potentially great at giving definitive answers to a sales question: “Do customers who match XXX characteristic have an interest in fixing YYY?”  This learning even works when the campaign is an economic failure.

11 Unique Selling Points from Software Service Providers that actually aren’t


We have talked to hundreds of Outsourcing / Engineering Services companies over the years that want to enter the DACH market.  When searching for Unique Selling Points, we are always shocked by how surprised they are to find out that much of what they think in unique to their company is actually the opposite of […]

Exporting business? 10 Questions To Get This Done Right

exporting business

Exporting business? When you want to successfully expand your business to other geographies or segments you have to find answers to these questions: What is the ideal market segment for exporting my business? Who are the decision makers, decision influencers? What are their personal problems, needs and desired end results? Is my offer valuable and […]

8 questions when expanding into a neighbouring country

8 questions when expanding into a neighbouring country 1

There are limits to the growth you can do where you are presently. (That’s actually true personally and professionally.) Growth involves new markets and new frontiers almost by definition. But a lot of companies (and their sales teams) tend to make a plan (which is often more operations than actual strategy), put it in Excel […]

Time-to-market in a new segment


If you want to grow a business, what do you typically need to do? Basic ways: Increase revenue from core products/services Enter new markets or verticals   The first one is hard because at a certain point, unless you’re asking people to repurchase every year, there’s a saturation mark on that market. The second one […]

How to get your product onto a new market

How to get your product onto a new market 2

Your business planning process is important. Think about it like this: if you’re an entrepreneur (or an intrapreneur), how do you successfully get your product onto the open market? It’s through a process. All the great company stories — and individuals — have one. (And yes, many times the first part of the growth model is having […]

Lead Generation: Nailing a Niche

Niche Market

“All type of companies can benefit from our offering. Actually we can work for all of them!” Oftentimes, entrepreneurs can worry that focusing on a niche market means they are aiming too low or trying to be too small. That’s actually not the case. It’s opposite. Let’s look at this from a few different perspectives.

Software Nearshoring in 2020 – what does It look like?


If you’re never heard the term “nearshoring,” it’s the process of getting work done in neighboring countries instead of your own. Usually this refers to software development. A big problem in DACH is a tech skills gap. By some estimates, DACH is about negative-1 million on the tech/IT roles it needs to be successful across multiple businesses. In that […]

The Difference between Value and Relevance in Sales

The Difference between Value and Relevance in Sales 3

Buying Is About Losing The Status Quo but how to move them along the buyer journey? There are three situations in any sale: Situation A: The customer buys from your competitor Situation B: The customer buys from you Situation C: The customer does nothing, so basically stays with their current option   You won’t believe […]

The pros and cons of indirect sales

The pros and cons of indirect sales 4

We’ve talked before about channel sales not being great for new markets. That can vary a little bit by industry, but in general channel partners have a great reach but are best for high-volume, low-margin business. Complex solutions really isn’t something you want channel for.  Within this discussion is a broader theme of sales, though. […]