2022: All BizXpand Campaign Metrics

2022 Campaign List

BizXpand does pure outbound lead generation, all campaigns stay synced to the same basic recipe (multichannel outreach on LinkedIn and Email, 7 touch points over 33 days), all clients represent a high ticket tech & IT offering, and all prospects are focused on German speaking markets and overall Europe. As a consequence, we get some […]

People Behind BizXpand

People Behind BizXpand 1

You might have heard about BizXpand’s founders Matt Mayfield and Martin Weiss but there are 6 more great team players. Once in a while we go out for pizza & beer. Take a look at the pictures from our last team meeting in March 2022.    

The origin story of BizXpand

Martin Weiss BizXPand

Look at me there in 2010. I’m actually engaged in the discussion, I swear! Here’s the backstory, which begins the origin story of BizXpand: almost 10 years ago, in spring 2010, I was invited to a panel discussion about “Doing Business In Austria.” The panel discussion was in Ljubljana (Slovenia), which is about a four-hour […]

Wir suchen Dich: Junior Business Development Manager

we are hiring

Bizxpand hilft Firmen beim Markteintritt und beim Vertrieb in Österreich, Deutschland und Schweiz. Unsere Kunden sind internationale Unternehmen mit innovativen Softwarelösungen. Für unser Team in Wien suchen wir Dich als engagierten Junior Business Development Manager.