Can sales outsourcing increase revenue?

Sales Outsourcing

Sales is the major function of almost all businesses; oftentimes it’s the primary revenue-generating function. But yet, more and more companies outsource sales. Why? Is this a good strategy? Does it lead to an increase in sales?

The origin story of BizXpand

Martin Weiss BizXPand

Look at me there in 2010. I’m actually engaged in the discussion, I swear! Here’s the backstory, which begins the origin story of BizXpand: almost 10 years ago, in spring 2010, I was invited to a panel discussion about “Doing Business In Austria.” The panel discussion was in Ljubljana (Slovenia), which is about a four-hour […]

Most 2020 predictions will be wrong, but … we will still try!

Most 2020 predictions will be wrong, but ... we will still try! 1

We do this every year: try to predict what will happen in an industry/space next year. 2019 is specifically a big one because 2020 ushers in a new decade, so if we want to get crazy, we can talk about what’s going to happen in a full decade, even though no one has any idea. […]

Will the outsourcing market grow or shrink in 2020?

Business Outsourcing

As 2019 wrapped up, we had a couple of different client conversations that were, admittedly, all over the map. Some clients were excited for another year of outsourced sales and lead generation work, and some were reluctant. This does happen every year and people’s attitudes change based on the needs of their business, any “pivots,” […]

The inherent biases of in-house sales hiring

The inherent biases of in-house sales hiring 2

As you start scaling up a business, and are looking for repeated sales — or retainers, big deals, whatever play you are after — one of the main questions is always: Do you start hiring salespeople full-time, in-house … or do you outsource at first and then maybe bring some of the outsourced team in-house […]

Some sales thought leaders to follow

Some sales thought leaders to follow 3

We’re not always entirely that excited by thought leadership — in general if someone is posting 10 times a day about sales, and each of those posts takes about six minutes or so to compose (often it takes longer than that), that also means there’s an hour per day that the person isn’t delivering for […]

What do we think technology will do to sales, ultimately?

What do we think technology will do to sales, ultimately? 4

The thing is: we honestly do not know for sure. Go back to 2000. Google was only four years old. Salesforce had only been founded the year before (February 1999). Hubspot was five years away and the iPhone was about seven years away. The first open-source CRM wouldn’t be developed until 2004.  In short: a […]

What should you actually expect from an outsourcing partner?

Business Outsourcing

We talk a lot about expectations in business, but in reality we seem to almost talk around them. Everyone claims they want the best or can deliver the best, but obviously that’s impossible in reality. There is one best sales team, and one best marketing team — and while others might be elite, the reality […]

Wir suchen Dich: Junior Business Development Manager

we are hiring

Bizxpand hilft Firmen beim Markteintritt und beim Vertrieb in Österreich, Deutschland und Schweiz. Unsere Kunden sind internationale Unternehmen mit innovativen Softwarelösungen. Für unser Team in Wien suchen wir Dich als engagierten Junior Business Development Manager.

What dooms outsourced relationships? How do you do it better?

Outsourcing lead gen

By now, most people realize the inherent value of outsourcing aspects of your business: You can give it to people with real expertise in that area. It’s often cheaper and more flexible than hiring for those roles. (If you hire someone and it doesn’t work out, that can be more than a year of no […]