State of BizXpand March 2024


We usually talk about industries and markets of our clients.  Today, I will talk about BizXpand and our market. For us, the big inflection point was the „great SaaS re-evaluation“ of 2022– this is when the value of growth vs profits changed completely.  The re-evaluation dramatically reduced the global demand for engineering and business development […]

More Fun With Statistics

Albert Einstein

I recently had a discussion with a professional in the field of outbound lead generation– I’ll call him John.  John was explaining how he is always doing A/B testing on small sample sizes to improve the results.  John is a legitimate expert in the field, but I suspected that his ability to generate meetings had […]

The A/B Delusion in B2B

A/B Testing in B2B

… sorry, I can’t resist provocative headlines…. In the past 6 months I have been deep in a rabbit hole of sales statistics My latest is trying to measure the effects of cold reach-out warmup. If we skip the warmup, how much lower is conversion? Another test was to see if our at-risk email domain […]

20 Prozent unserer Kampagnen scheitern! 😱

20 Prozent unserer Kampagnen scheitern! 😱 1

Gestern erhielt ich eine E-Mail von einem potenziellen neuen Kunden. Er fragte: „Was sind denn Ihre Unterscheidungsmerkmale?“. Eine sehr berechtigte Frage!     Wir sind eine reine Outbound-LeadGen Agentur und buchen im Auftrag von High Tech Unternehmen Meetings mit potenziellen neuen B2B Kunden aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum. Bei uns laufen gleichzeitig immer so rund 50 […]

2022: All BizXpand Campaign Metrics

2022 Campaign List

BizXpand does pure outbound lead generation, all campaigns stay synced to the same basic recipe (multichannel outreach on LinkedIn and Email, 7 touch points over 33 days), all clients represent a high ticket tech & IT offering, and all prospects are focused on German speaking markets and overall Europe. As a consequence, we get some […]

2022 Data Analysis around Outbound Lead Generation

2022 Data Analysis around Outbound Lead Generation 2

The data science team at BizXpand has been hard at work over the winter holidays to analyze the cumulative 2022 outbound lead generation campaign data. As a reminder, BizXpand does pure outbound lead generation, all campaigns stay synced to the same basic recipe, all companies represent tech & IT, all prospects are focused on German […]

TL;DR Nerdy Math About Leadgen Outcome Predictions

Binomial Probability

At BizXpand, our sequences span 33 days and success is the high bar of a full 1:1 meeting between a qualified prospect and a salesperson. This means there is a lot of time from campaign launch until we can assess outcomes. How long? The TL;DR answer is 200 to 400 prospects that have completely completed […]

State of Outbound Leadgeneration

Outbound 2022

As everyone returns from holiday, I thought it might be useful to talk about how outbound lead generation is working this year. Here are some highlights when reviewing the data and comparing to previous years.