Outbound sales: The 5 reasons you need it

Outbound sales: The 5 reasons you need it

Not a big fan of the “number in headline” list posts, but this called for one.

Outbound sales. A lot of people do it. Some run from it. Why would you need it, though?

Let’s do five reasons you need outbound sales, yes?


The inbound leads problem

If only 10% of your inbound leads come from your ICP, or ideal customer profile — a number that’s all too common in organizations — then you need outbound sales. (Although most probably know this, the essential difference between “inbound sales” and “outbound sales” is that inbound sales leads come into you via content you’ve created, and outbound leads are typically ones you pursue through a mix of methods.)

The results paradigm of outbound sales

Outbound sales produces 10x faster results. Many people argue with this number, but there is some research to back it up. Here’s one example.

The direct market feedback need

If you are in early stage with your product, then you need direct market feedback on product-market fit or message-buyer fit to improve your value proposition and sales messages. You might even need to pivot based on the direct market feedback. Outbound sales is a good way to go (and test/control/monitor those examples of messaging). On the other hand resellers and inbound doesn’t get you any feedback at all.

Hey, do you sell to enterprise?

In such a situation, outbound sales makes more sense. They often come in with the connections and context to approach enterprise. Hate to break this to you, but LinkedIn articles to enterprise SVP often have no measurable impact. But if you have an outbound sales guy who has dealt with that SVP a few times before, well, your return just got a lot more lucrative.

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Too much noise out there?

For inbound you need content. In fact, you need a lot of content. Others do the same. If your solution truly isn’t that different (often happens), then your content won’t be that different. At that point, you’re contributing to the digital noise problem. (It’s very real.) Outbound sales is often a more effective way to differentiate yourself.

What other compelling reasons have you seen for adopting outbound sales?


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