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INBOUND Lead Generation

have a digital lead machine
1300 Monthly
  • Product-market-fit workshop
  • Lead magnets and entry point offers
  • Compelling sales messages
  • Converting CTAs
  • Email funnels
  • Various PPC campaigns
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Realtime dashboard
  • Analysis and optimizations
  • Optional frequent blogging

OUTBOUND Lead Generation

reach out to your target group
2600 Monthly
  • Everything from INBOUND
  • Frequent blogging
  • Sourcing target companies and personas
  • Outbound prospecting in German language
  • Discovery calls to decision makers
  • Lead nurturing over phone and email
  • Warm introduction of leads to your sales executives

Full German SALES

have your sales team in DACH
3900 Monthly
  • Everything from OUTBOUND
  • Face-to-face sales meetings with prospects
  • Development of sales opportunities
  • Negotiating and closing sales on your behalf
  • Optional sales collateral creation

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Monthly retainer 



Product-Market-Fit workshop

Lead magnets and entry point offers

Email funnels

Various  PPC campaigns

Social media scheduling

Email newsletters

Realtime dashboard

Bi-weekly status call and report

Blog article creation 

 Source target companies and persons

Proactive outreach

Lead nurturing

Discovery calls (DISCO/DEMO)

Warm introductions to your sales executives

Sales collateral creation

Face-to-face sales meetings

Development of sales opportunities

Negotiating and closing sales on your behalf



monthly, min 6 months

optional (more info)



SQL bonus

monthly, min 6 months

1 per month 



commission on revenue

monthly, min 6 months

1 per month 

optional (more info)

Frequently Asked Questions

We sell on behalf of international software and IT service companies that want to gain more customers in the German speaking markets.

Both! We are specialized to sell high-ticket offers (deal size €25k+) to enterprises and large enterprises in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Characteristics are: consultative sales, multi-touch, several decision makers and long sales cycles.

On behalf of our client we’re looking to make 5 bigger deals a year and not 20 smaller deals a month.

We use a value-based sales approach. Customers buy from our clients because of the product value and not because of the personal relationships we have in DACH.

That’s why we can sell to the HR Manager in large enterprises but also to the Innovation Manager in supermarket chains.

Commission-only works well for:

  • Low-ticket offers
  • Very short sales cycles
  • Established brands
  • Established markets and market position
  • More transactional sales
  • Less experienced sales staff needed

We tend to work for companies that meet these criteria:

  • High-ticket offers
  • Need new customer acquisition (as they’re in a new market)
  • Longer sales cycles
  • Brands need to be developed
  • Products need to be differentiated and messages need to be developed and market tested
  • Complexity of new market
  • Experienced sales staff required
In these contexts, commission-only is a bad idea.

50% discount!

Not really sure what works for you? Book our one-day PRODUCT-MARKET-FIT WORKSHOP to find out your ingredients for a scalable and predictable sales process.

50% of the workshop costs will be credited when you decide for one of the service plans after the workshop.

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