I can help to double your sales leads

MY PROMISE: double your non-organic sales leads

TERRITORY: Europe with focus on DACH

DURATION: 12 months

RETAINER: €2.500 / month



This is a tailored program exclusive to experienced software and services companies in the high-ticket space that want to double their non-organic sales qualified leads.


  • Consultative selling
  • Multi-touch
  • Multiple decision-makers
  • Longer sales cycles (no transactional sales)
  • Targets in international mid-size and enterprise market


A sales qualified lead (SQL) is a booked call with a decision maker/influencer that is interested in a conversation with you to learn more about the offer.


Non-organic sales leads are directly generated with very systematic outbound sales methods such us cold calling, email prospecting, LinkedIn messages and systematically asking for referrals.

On the other hand, organic sales leads are the result of nurturing existing personal relationships, often come via indirect sales channels such as resellers/implementation partners or happen opportunistically on various networking events.


  • If you already generate 100 or more sales leads per month most likely I’m not a good fit for you. My expertise is around high-ticket offers and not on transactional sales.
  • If you have generated 5 or even less non-organic sales leads over the last 3 months you must establish a working outbound sales playbook before you can scale it up. –> This is what helps you at this stage. 
  • If you currently generate between 2 and 50 non-organic sales leads – month after month – I can definitely help you to boost that number. This is a win-win situation!


Everyone can send emails, invite people to connect on LinkedIn and write one or two articles. But do we really understand how all those things are interconnected and have to seamlessly work together? Do we know the KPIs and what to improve in each of those activities? No. There is a lot of room for improvements.

That is where I usually step in. Without distracting your team I slice your lead gen process into small and measurable chunks, add missing components and improve those parts that need to be improved.  

This program is a lean and agile process of 1) me performing those critical parts on your behalf and 2) handing it over to your sales and marketing team as soon as I get it working for you.

It always starts with an on-premise workshop to discuss the status quo, identify the base line, set overall expectations and allocate necessary resources.

If both sides – at the end of this workshop – want to continue the cooperation, Martin and his team will start to implement and test all necessary measures, and improvements on product, targeting, messaging, channels, and tactics.

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Your product offering

Entry point offers, product splintering.

Your target definition

Nail a niche and being ultra specific; buyer persona - users and buyers.

Your sales messages

Known pains and desired end results; message-persona-fit; levels of personalization.

Your preferred sales channels

Phone, email, LinkedIn; blogging and gated content; landing pages; email newsletters.

Your sales tactics

Cadences and sequences; the right CTAs; email funnels; tools and automation.


This program has just one goal: sustainably double your monthly non-organic sales qualified leads within 12 months. No branding campaign, no new web presence, no glossy brochures. Just. more. sales. leads.


  • Your team already produces between 2 and 50 non-organic sales qualified leads per month from an international target market.
  • You and all stakeholders are open minded and patient enough to give it 12 months.
  • Under my guidance your team is willing to produce 20 blog articles over the next couple of months.


Martin is a passionate B2B sales man. Before he co-founded BizXpand, he worked for several international software and services companies always in the role of a revenue carrying Sales Manager/Director.

We founded BizXpand in 2010 and studied how the world’s fastest growing tech companies scale their business. Constantly we take their best practices in omni-channel lead generation and sales, combine them wisely, and adapt them to the product/market specifics.

Martin Weiss

Let me just give you an example:

We helped companies not just to enter a new market (DACH) with non-organic sales leads but also to substantially grow their business – year after year. Even businesses that are obviously not ideal for non-organic sales such as nearshore software development services.


This is what Goran Kalanj, CEO of Serengeti d.o.o., a Croatian nearshore software development company has to say about us:

"Serengeti went through very dynamic and high growth period in last few years. Around half of our revenue comes from DACH market. Martin works for us for many years as our sales executive for DACH region. Martin always had very good and reliable results in customer acquisition. He proved to be able to define sales strategy and then be very successful in implementing it. We have very successful cooperation and we would always recommend Martin and his team."
Bizxpand Goran Kalanj
Goran Kalanj
CEO, Serengetitech

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