3 positive aspects of COVID-19

3 positive aspects of COVID-19

We’re all aware about the negative aspects and consequences of the corona virus. I’m an optimistic person and actually it didn’t take me that long to find also 3 very positive aspects of the situation, we’re currently in.


Remote-work works – nearshoring works

Myths like “working from home doesn’t work in our company”, “people need to sit side-by-side to be productive” but also “we cannot work with remote engineers” became very unpopular recently and often obsolete.

People all over Europe are currently proving that they can work, collaborate and communicate from remote. 70% are trained to do that. They started just a few days ago. This is a fantastic exercise for communication, collaboration and self discipline.

Actually communication and self discipline are the hidden skill nearshore software companies from Central and Eastern Europe have experienced for so many years but got underestimated by Western European companies – until today. Due to work-from-home, also Western European companies will become mature enough to collaborate and communicate with nearshore software specialists.


Outbound Sales works

In times when conferences, fairs, physical networking events are cancelled and business lunches are not possible the only scalable way to get in contact with potential buyers is with a profound outbound sales strategy.

Outbound sales is the systematic outreach to buyer personas within your target markets via phone, email, LinkedIn and social media.

Yes, sales in general got more difficult these days, but outbound is the only way to produce predictable results.


Cloud works

For some says we work from home. For most of us for the first time. And it works! Why?

No complicated VPN configuration, no SW installations on low performing laptops, no hardware upgrades. Nothing. All fine. Just login to the same cloud applications we are already used to.

Sure, there are still a lot of on-premise solutions out there where you need VPN to access them, but far less than 5 years ago.


Believe me, in 12 to 18 months we will see 50% less on-premise SW solutions. This virus made companies more “cloud-ready” then anything before.


Stay safe!

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