Germany is the No. 2 place in the world to be entrepreneurial

Germany is the No. 2 place in the world to be entrepreneurial

The World Economic Forum released its 2018 Global Competitiveness Report recently, which can be read as a listing of the most innovative countries in the world (to some extent), or at the very least the best countries to launch an entrepreneurial offering. The United States came in first; that’s not a surprise, even though their academic achievement lags behind many other first-world countries.

But sneaking in at No. 2 is … you know it. Germany.

The score

Germany finished with a 81.6 total score, slightly ahead of The Netherlands’ 80.3 and behind the USA’s 86.5.

The overall landscape

It is true that Germany’s economy just shrunk for the first time since 2015, although it can be argued Germany’s economy is actually just getting hammered by the problems of the rest of the world. German numbers are somewhat closely-tied to car production, and emissions rules have contributed to some of the shrinking. The more “tech-driven” options aren’t seeing that type of decline.

Plus, in no way does any German downturn signal a recession, whereas in the United States … it might.

Doing business in Germany makes sense

It actually makes a ton of sense:

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