Looking for a sales partner in Germany?

Looking for a sales partner in Germany?

If you landed on this page, there’s a decent chance you’re looking for a sales partner in Germany. (Hopefully it wasn’t a porn search that went astray, at the very least.)

Well, good for you on the German sales partner search. Germany’s a big market, with potential growth of 2.4-2.7% in 2018 — and the overall DACH market is pretty hot too. In fact, Vienna is becoming a global business hub in its own right. And because of the remaining uncertainties around Brexit and the UK’s business climate for the next half-decade and beyond, you’re seeing more foreign operations exit London as a HQ.

In short: it’s a good time to get into the German sales market, for sure. But what about all this pesky partner stuff?

Oh, one more positive would be the legal climate: German law doesn’t make any distinction between Germans and foreigners in the establishment of companies, and there aren’t restrictions on the repatriation of profits. Nice for you.

What you need in a partner: There are a lot of stereotypes about the DACH market in other global business regions. People assume it is very direct, to the point, and rooted in marked, established data and precision. This is largely because of how people perceive Germans, you’d reckon.

Some of those things are true, for sure.

In reality, the biggest thing you need to understand is that the DACH market does value relationship-driven selling — as do most first-world markets — but there are a few caveats and issues.

The major issue is that relationship selling does not scale. You need a more value-driven approach.

The other thing you’ll hear a lot is this: in a market like the U.S., a cold call might get you a few minutes of, essentially, bullsh*t. Back and forth. Pleasantries. You won’t get that in the DACH market. That’s where the ideas around discipline and precision come in.

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What you need to reach the right German buyers and other potentially beneficial relationships:

  • Someone who knows the market
  • Has some degree of relationships already
  • Can sell from value and not just those relationships
  • Know the “activity cadence” necessary in terms of calls, emails, meetings, trade shows, etc.
  • A process around lead generation

Here’s the part where we discuss ourselves: We can do all this. But we’re also not here to sledgehammer you into working with us, nor do we think one blog post would do that. Look around at our pricing or our origin story, and see what you think. But then you’re going to need to talk to us and see our suite of activities and services in action. That’s the only way. You’ll have to see if it fits what you need when you decided you were looking for a sales partner in Germany. Most of real estate is about location, right? Most of business — and especially sales — is about fit. So look at what we do and then come talk to us and we’ll see if the fit exists. Hopefully it does, because we’d love to make you some money! And isn’t that the whole reason you were looking for a sales partner in Germany in the first place?

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