Our secret sauce does not work in the United States

Our secret sauce does not work in the United States

As you know, BizXpand helps high-tech B2B companies book more meetings in DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

All our clients use our proven and successful outbound sequence (7 touch points on LinkedIn and email over 33 days). With that approach we average a yield slightly better than 1 meting per 100 contacts.

Once in a while a client asks: “This works so well in Germany, can you please run a similar campaign for us in USA?”. Every two, three years we are tempted to try out how our methods work in US but the reality is that we never had success there with our own secret sauce –

US campaign

What you see above is our real data from the same client with the same offer for the same type of targets at the same time. One campaign “D” runs with companies in Germany and the other campaign “US” runs with similar companies in US. Positioning and sales message is exactly the same.


Now see the difference!

LinkedIn Acceptance Rate: 36% of the targets in Germany accept a connect request but only 13% in US.

Email Reply Rate: 15% of the targets in Germany reply to the emails but only 2% reply back in US.

SQL and Yield: We managed to book 7 meetings in Germany with this campaign but we didn’t manage to get them a single meeting in US. Yield 82 means on average we need to reach out to 82 persons to get one meeting. On a company level this looks much better because we reach out to 4-8 persons per company (=need to reach out to 13 companies to get one meeting).

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What does it mean?

This tells us that even if you have a great offer and product-market-fit you still need to find message-persona-fit to sell into different business cultures. This is the same for US companies selling into Europe and for European companies selling into USA.

For US companies struggling with their outbound sequences in Germany, we have some tips here: 6 Tips For Adapting Your Outbound Technique From USA To Germany and Selling To Germany: Myths Vs Requirements.

For German companies that want to sell into US we only advise that you work with local experts who have a strong focus on your industry and strong expertise on channel and strategies in the US.



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