Tips for email prospecting: Increase your reply rate

Tips for email prospecting: Increase your reply rate

Today I learned a very useful tip from my colleague Aleksandra, which I would like to share here.

Around 25% of the meetings we arrange for our customers come through so-called “referrals”, which means that the person we write to refers us to another person in the target company with whom the meeting is then arranged.

As is the case with email prospecting, not all referrals respond to our emails. Now comes Aleksandra’s tip:

She adds the original contact to the cc: in the reminder email and increases the reply rate! Brilliant, but why is that?


Email prospecting has very little to do with emails and a lot to do with the right interaction with people. In this case, the target person sees no moral obligation to respond to US because they don’t know us. But if he notices that his colleague, who referred us, is in cc:, then he sees a moral obligation to HIS colleague to reply to us.

Yes, it works! Just try it out on a few emails.

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