Not-so-obvious Differentiators for SW Development Companies

Not-so-obvious Differentiators for SW Development Companies

Every week at least 4 SW application development companies from South East Europe and Asia reach out to us to ask for leads and customers in the DACH market.

Their introductions are typically around “35 excellent engineers in Java, .NET, C++, PHP, Phyton, Ruby” and “high quality delivery, we focus on customer needs”.

Well, that doesn’t get you fly! At least not in Germany…

I typically start my expectations-setting-call with “So, what? You are not the first, you are not the only one and you are not the cheapest in the world that have 35 good programmers. So, what can we say about you in Germany that is really different to what they used hear every day?”

What you need to understand:

If you are not the first, you have to be different! People tend to buy from their local good-enough suppliers or from internationally recognized experts. Ultimately: they don’t buy from remote good-enough suppliers.


So, what makes your software development services offer really unique and therefore irresistibly valuable for a specific target group (niche)?

Therefore I ask further “What makes you an internationally recognized expert?”

Of course not easy to answer. They already spent multiple days offsite  – every year – to find out “who they are and who they want to be”. In most cases they just came up with some random vision-mission-statements that sound really cool but is not useful for a quota carrying field sales guy like me because it’s still about them and not about the customer.

We help high-tech B2B companies book more meetings in DACH, grow their sales funnel and close more deals.

Let me tell you what’s not a good differentiator:

  • Low price. There’s always someone who can and will do it cheaper.
  • Top quality. Have you seen a software engineering company that says they don’t have excellent quality?
  • Flexibility to do all-purpose projects. That actually says that you are not expert in anything.
  • Reference government projects. Doing software engineering projects for local government indicates that you are a good-enough local provider and not an international recognized expert.


Here are some good but not-so-obvious differentiators for you:

  • Industry –
    • We have extensive experience in fintech industry. Mention 1 growing industry, not 3 dead ones!
    • We help traditional machine manufacturers to get their machine’s data visualized and analyzed in new cloud apps.
  • Technology –
    • We focus on embedded systems using on C++/Linux.
    • We help companies to increase their test automation rate.
  • Domain Expertise – 
    • We do all kind of projects but just in the billing environment.
    • We can help you to modernize and improve the UX and CX of your existing and new solutions.
  • Process & Methods –
    • We can take away the high risks of platform or technology migrations.
    • We know how to run a multisite Scrum team in a workbench extension model.
  • Engagement Model –
    • We fit best to VC backed startups because we can ramp-up a team of 10 in 2-3 weeks.
    • Zero-overhead. We engage with you in a way that your management overhead gets reduced to an absolute minimum.
    • High impact. We provide complete and well-rehearsed Scrum teams reduce learning time and risks.


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