2022: All BizXpand Campaign Metrics

2022: All BizXpand Campaign Metrics

BizXpand does pure outbound lead generation, all campaigns stay synced to the same basic recipe (multichannel outreach on LinkedIn and Email, 7 touch points over 33 days), all clients represent a high ticket tech & IT offering, and all prospects are focused on German speaking markets and overall Europe.

As a consequence, we get some very good and comparable statistical data.

Recently, Matt Mayfield already shared our overall 2022 analysis and learnings. Let me give you full transparency in all metrics of each single campaign with you as well:


2022 Campaign List
list of 2022 outbound campaigns sorted by yield (leads needed for one SQL)


The table above shows the most successful campaigns we ran in 2022.

Yield means that we need to reach out to X new leads to book another meeting for our client. Our average yield rate in 2022 is 76 (we need to contact another 76 new leads to get 1 more SQL). Thew lower yield rate the better, of course!

As you can see from the metrics as well, LinkedIn acceptance rate and even Email reply rate do not really have an impact on the success (yield) of a campaign.

  • A low LinkedIn acceptance rate of 14% can turn into a high email reply rate of 27% and a fantastically low yield of 48.
  • With a low(ish) email reply rate of 6% you can still achieve a yield of 56.


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