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Here’s an actual screenshot of our Google Analytics dashboard. It was taken on May 20, 2020 and shows website traffic between May 20, 2016 and May 19, 2020. I’m sharing this for those, who still believe blogging is just for marketing and brand awareness and doesn’t generate sales leads. I hope it is self explaining.


No paid traffic in this chart – just organic, social and direct traffic:


Google Analytics 2020-05-20


Actions taken and the impact on website visitors

August 31, 2016 … we started to produce weekly blog posts about B2B sales, lead generation and the German market specifics. Here’s one example from the early days When Does Commission Only Work Well?

March 13, 2018 … we started to continuously share the blog articles from the website on Martin’s social media profiles (mainly LinkedIn and Twitter). Here’s one not that old

August 22, 2019 … we replaced the code-heavy webpage with a more SEO friendly and light weighted design. Today, this is still the one from last year.

January 6, 2020 … Martin started with one-on-one interactions on LinkedIn – direct messages from his profile just with the right set of people in our well defined target group where he shared links to valuable blog articles on the website. I have no prove except this misleading chart here – it was up since January 2020 except for the COVID-19 weeks.

LinkedIn profile views



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