How to really grow an early stage SaaS

How to really grow an early stage SaaS

The Problem for Early Stage SaaS

For an early stage SaaS, sales leads are driven by relationships and inbound discovery. This means customers are usually diverse and scalability is slow and complex. Other techniques (especially digital marketing with a content strategy) require highly focused and validated audience-value-message fit. How to scale up faster?

Relationships Do Not Scale!

If your offering is high ticket and enterprise class and reliant on word-of-mouth and/or local references, it is likely that most of your leads are referrals, networking, relationships and organic inbounds.

All of these lead generation techniques are generally highly efficient in terms of cost but usually non-scalable — most companies can’t add more relationship introductions by adding money and thus you can’t ensure a steady stream of new leads normally with that lead source.

So you need to develop your validated audience-value-message fit to successfully run ANY repeatable lead generation system.


The High Value Of “Outbound”

Outbound lead generation (the best channels for enterprise class B2B are LinkedIn and Email) is focused on homogenous market segments with sharp messaging and results in direct 1:1 meetings. This is ideal for moving beyond target audience / persona theories and value proposition hypothesis. It provides fast, unfiltered feedback from the target market that allows you to tweak your messages.


Key Benefits

  • Unbiased feedback. An outbound campaign provides unfiltered and direct feedback from the target group on your value proposition.
  • Fast iterations. A typical 6-week campaign sprint allows you fast learning and fast adjustments of message-audience.
  • New relationships. A non-salesy approach lets you build trustful relationships in a new market segment or geography.
  • Growing your social network. Your LinkedIn activities will bring you thousands of new connections from the right target group for your upcoming social media activities.
  • Validated foundation to scale up. You will have a validated foundation (technologies, processes) for scalable revenue focused outbound lead generation.

Value Proposition Toolbox
Use the same tools we use to boost your value proposition for non-organic outbound lead generation.

As an added bonus, when outbound lead generation generates positive meetings, it is a full scalable, low cost lead source and can often become the primary channel for new business scaling. The systems and messages can easily be replicated and volumes increased. This is the traditional service BizXpand provides to more established SaaS companies.

A validated audience-value-message fit for repeatable lead generation is ALWAYS the key to predicable revenue!

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