How to drive leads with your website

How to drive leads with your website

We’ve reached an interesting spot with website development. There are literally millions of people who can help you with design, layout, content, UX, SEO, etc. Many of them can be found on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr for not that much money. The resources are all there. There are probably more web resources available to help you than there have been since the dawn of the Internet.

And yet, for all that, and all those people … websites do not convert visitors into leads, in general. The average global e-comm conversion rate, for example, is about 3%. The top 25% of landing pages — tied to search ads — only convert at about 5.3%. And of the 700M+ websites that exist, 72% don’t drive conversions.

At best, about 28-40% of your visitors might convert. Would you be happy showing your mum a 28 on a test as a kid? Probably not. Let’s help you fix this.

First: you need to reframe how you think about your website

This is the hardest step for a lot of people. Your website doesn’t always directly make you money, or at the very least, it doesn’t feel like that’s where the money is coming from. So if you’re not going to frame it in terms of direct revenue, think about it like this, especially in High Ticket B2B:

  1. This is your business card to the world.
  2. People will look at this site to do research on you when they hear about you somewhere else.
  3. You need to be professional and clear about what you help people accomplish, not about the buzzwords you associate with your brand/industry internally.
  4. Your website needs to drive interest and discussion, if not directly “leads.” It should never be something that ends the discussion. It should only advance it.

Too many people ignore their website because other sales/revenue approaches are yielding more return. We get it. But don’t ignore your website. You leave so much money on the table when you do that.

Second: Make your value prop clear

A good example of this, as Neil Patel and others note, is MailChimp:

How to drive leads with your website 1

Now if you land on their site and you know “I need to do an email newsletter to prospects, but I’m worried it will be hard…,” well, BAM, this value proposition just solved your problem instantly.

You have about an average of 0-6 seconds to capture someone’s attention on your website, so make sure the value prop is hugely clear.

Now: keep it simple

Look at this sign-up form from Dropbox, for example:

How to drive leads with your website 3Pretty nice, right? It wouldn’t scare you off, would it? Same with gating a content asset or anything like that. Keep It Simple, Stupid. K.I.S.S. Forms, and everything on your site really, need to be about just the essentials.

And then: Let’s get hyper-funky, shall we?

There are lots of hacks to help your website convert better, and to make sure it’s a viable part of your funnel design.

We actually put together a list of 10 — those two we just discussed are but a small part — and you can get the full list of strategies for creating website conversions and bolstering sales leads here. Hope you grab it. Even if you are converting a little bit, you can be converting more! And that’s all about creating the value prop, engaging the user, telling the story, creating many chunks of value, and more. Away we go!

Once more, here’s the free asset.

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