Outbound Lead Generation 2022: we booked 728 meetings for our clients

Outbound Lead Generation 2022: we booked 728 meetings for our clients

Great Outbound Lead Generation is all about providing small chunks of value to people who personally benefit from it. The rest is experience and a bit of technology.

Early 2020, COVID fundamentally collapsed the way most of us connect and network with new potential buyers. Meanwhile, many are concluding that this ‘temporary’ disruption will have longer term effects on business development and business relationship building.

With the learnings from various COVID impacts (WFH, asynchronous decision making, not in-person meetings, changes in strategy and priorities) we radically adjusted our well-established sales machine into a multi channel outbound lead generation machine that produced 361 meetings in year one.

We learned about the importance of campaign post-mortem analysis every to improve and optimize the lead generation machine in order to increase the meeting conversion rate (yield).



2020: 361 meetings booked

2021: 622 meetings booked

2022: 728 meetings booked


The Lead Generation Machine

outbound lead generation machine

Right from the early days of BizXpand in 2010, our clients are still international SaaS, software and IT service companies, that want to systematically gain more customers in the German speaking markets and beyond. They all have high-ticket offers. Characteristics of “high ticket” are:

  • consultative selling
  • multi-touch
  • several decision makers/influencers
  • long sales cycles
  • targets are mid size and large enterprises


2022 Results

  • We reached out to 65512 decision makers and decision influencers.
  • We carried out 140 outbound campaigns.
  • We served for 32 clients.
  • We booked 728 meetings for them!
  • Our average yield in 2022 is 76. That means we needed to reach out to 76 contacts new contacts to get one more meeting.


Outbound Lead Generation 2022
sales qualified leads per week in 2022


For our clients, 728 calls and meetings with decision makers/influencers in mid-size to large enterprises is a fantastic achievement.

A typical BizXpand campaign involves 500 to 2000 contacts and runs for 2 to 4 months. Average lead time per contact is 33 days with up to 7 touch points on LinkedIn and email.


Findings and Learnings

Our co-founder Matt Mayfield already published some data analysis of our 2022 campaigns. More to come!

2022 Data Analysis Around Outbound Lead Generation

TL;DR Nerdy Math About Leadgen Outcome Predictions

2022: All BizXpand Campaign Metrics


We help high-tech B2B companies book more meetings in DACH, grow their sales funnel and close more deals.


Remember: Outbound lead generation is the only scalable and repeatable sales method to grow and export a high ticket business to new market segments and geographies.

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