The outbound lead generation machine that brought our customers 361 meetings in 2020

The outbound lead generation machine that brought our customers 361 meetings in 2020

Outbound lead generation is no longer about cold calling -> meeting -> negotiating and closing. It’s about providing chunks of value, one after the other. One-on-One and not One-to-Many.

COVID has fundamentally collapsed the way most of us connect and network with new potential buyers – increasingly, many are concluding that this disruption will have longer term effects on business development.


Take a look at The BizXpand Outbound Lead Generation Machine, that brought our customers 361 meetings in this “very special” year 2020

outbound lead generation machine

For some of you 361 qualified meetings might not sound very impressive but for our customers it is a lot.

Our customers are international software and IT service companies that want to gain more customers in the German speaking markets. They all have high-ticket offers. Characteristics of “high ticket” are:

  • consultative selling
  • multi-touch
  • several decision makers/influencers
  • long sales cycles
  • targets are mid size and large enterprises


Again, for them 361 calls and meetings with interested decision makers/influencers in mid-size and large enterprises is a fantastic achievement. Due to uncertainty in the beginning of the COVID crisis most of the sales qualified leads where gained in the second half of the year –


sales qualified leads s in 2020
sales qualified leads per week in 2020


A typical BizXpand campaign involves 500 to 2000 people and runs for 2 to 4 months. Average lead time per person is 30 days with up to 8 touch points.


Technical Components of Outbound Lead Generation

There are some technical components you have to master when you want your outbound lead generation to be successful:

  • don’t trust your “automated sourcing”. No matter if you buy target lists or use LinkedIn Sales Navigator always do data cleaning and persona verification to improve the quality of your list.
  • apply the right sequences to the right channels. Anyone can send automated emails and post articles on LinkedIn. Refine what you want to achieve from each touch point and adjust your CTAs accordingly.
  • Optimize your email deliverability and readability. No pictures, no attachments, short sentences, correct SPF/DKIM settings and max 90 words emails for mobile readability.


For details read the 11 Tips To Improve Your Email Prospecting


Objection Handling

Only few contacts will reply with “Yes, I’m interested, let’s have a call tomorrow!”. Far more will indicate their interest by providing some real objections such as “I think this would be far too complex for us to implement”. If you don’t handle those kind of objections properly your success rate will not be very high. Again, outbound lead generation is not about automated email sending. It’s about providing chunks of value, one after the other. Sometimes also by handling objections.


Sales Messages

Apart from the technical aspects and the objection handling the single biggest success factor for your outbound lead generation is the “message-persona-fit” of your sales messages.

Before your send your first sales message (on LinkedIn, Email or any other channel), do the following investigations and adapt your sales messages accordingly:

  • Who are the buyer personas? It’s always people that buy from you, not “companies”.
  • What pains, needs and desires do they have that I can solve?
  • How big is this pain actually? Is it a high priority for them?
  • What are the alternative solutions (internal and external) to alleviate this pain? Look at your competitors and self-made solutions?
  • How does my solution differ from other? What are my differentiators?
  • How can I be perceived as “more credible” than others? Work on your references, social prove, and content, content, content…


In addition, read When You Need To Improve Your Value Proposition

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