State of Outbound Leadgeneration

State of Outbound Leadgeneration

As everyone returns from holiday, I thought it might be useful to talk about how outbound lead generation is working this year. Here are some highlights when reviewing the data and comparing to previous years.


Outbound 2022 Outbound 2021 Outbound 2022


  1. Number of meetings generated year to date (August) already exceeds entire 2021 number of meetings. For 2021 we rolled out re-targeting for all clients, this helped a lot. We also have some strong performance in a number of business segments. (see point 2 below)
  2. Material handling, Logistics, and Manufacturing set new records for meeting yield. Strong interest in these segments for new solutions. New yield records were set. We believe this is due to major disruptions in supply chain, energy, and staffing resulting in people looking for solutions that are not from the usual suppliers.
  3. Engineering services continues to be successful but there is a slightly softening trend. We suspect this is the a ripple effect from US tech markets slowing engineering hiring.
  4. We continue to see below average results in technology (horizontal- eg. Business Intelligence, Test Automation) products for engineering managers and IT managers. We theorize this is due to technical leaders able to recognize systematic messaging and being “allergic” to such activities.
  5. Solution space (eg. SAP, Salesforce, continues to not export well with outbound.
  6. Summer saw almost no dip in meeting generation levels. We generally see that less people are in the office to get an email, but those that are at work are more relaxed/open to new ideas. Note, it is hard to compare across years where Covid restrictions were high.


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