[Webinar Replay] Product-Market-Fit for outbound lead generation

Have you heard of Product Market Fit?

Truth be told, sometimes you may think that this term is something seen in some business school class or when pitching for your next funding round.

But, it’s more than that and in fact more useful than you might think, it may be the reason why your non-organic outbound sales haven’t exploded.

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or a business owner, and not seeing results as expected, this webinar replay is for you!


Martin Weiss, Co-founder and Sales Principal @ BizXpand, shared:

  • Why you need product-market-fit on segment level.
  • The 5 ingredients to build an outbound lead generation machine.
  • How purchases are really made.
  • Best outbound leadgen tactics 2021

Here is your replay

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