Some sales thought leaders to follow

Some sales thought leaders to follow

We’re not always entirely that excited by thought leadership — in general if someone is posting 10 times a day about sales, and each of those posts takes about six minutes or so to compose (often it takes longer than that), that also means there’s an hour per day that the person isn’t delivering for clients. Of course, building a personal brand is important as a way to get more work; we wouldn’t argue against that. But a lot of thought leaders can come across as in it for themselves, whereas they should be in it for their clients. See the distinction? That said, there are some decent voices out in the world of sales and sales management to listen to. Here’s 10-15 to consider. 

The list (with links!)

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All these people do have somewhat similar content — you will find an article about becoming a prospect’s No. 1 choice on all those links, for example — but they each come from different industries and have built B2B sales teams and often been the No. 1 salesperson at different enterprise companies. So, their advice, even if overlapping, is valuable. Give some of those a whirl and see what you think. 

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