Strategic sales outsourcing begins with the number “68”

You want to understand how to do legitimately strategic sales outsourcing? It begins, oddly, with the number 68.

What the heck do we mean about strategic sales outsourcing?

There are two key statistics you need to understand about lead generation in a B2B space.

First one: 68% (there’s the number!) of B2B executives view attracting high-quality leads as their biggest priority.

Second one: 68% (boom!) of B2B executives view their current team as struggling with lead generation programs.

So the number “68” becomes important because it underscores two things:

  1. Lead generation is important.
  2. Lead generation isn’t being done properly internally.

Now the door swings open on strategic outsourcing.

How does strategic sales outsourcing help with lead generation?

It helps in a myriad of ways.

At the basis of everything is time. Sales teams get bogged down with the lead gen side — trying to “drum up new business” — and they can let key existing accounts drop. Time is our greatest finite resource, and it needs to be maximized for a business to be successful.


Efficient conversations with qualified prospects: Appointments are set with the best prospects. This reduces waste. Internally there can sometimes be awkward incentives to take every prospect call, which doesn’t drive revenue.

Any internal sales team member can focus on nurture/close: With rare exception, this is where they will be more passionate anyway.

Faster: Your sales cycle functions more swiftly with better targeting, qualifying and appointment setting, allowing you to complete more sales in a given period.

Lower costs: The costs of hiring a strategic outsourcing partner are offset by the time saved internally, and higher productivity.

Strategy/plan: Because the strategic outsourcing partner knows you won’t continue to pay them unless (a) the results are there and (b) the plan is there, you know you’ll get results and strategy — or you can cut them loose. Internally a lot of times people spend all their day in meetings or doing low-value activities and never build a plan. Somehow, that’s tolerated. (Bureaucracy?) With strategic outsourcing partners, you know you can demand results. If they’re good, they’ll get them.


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The bottom line

You need leads to grow a business, which means you need some kind of lead generation program. 68% realize this, but 68% of B2B executives think their internal teams can’t handle it. That’s almost 7 in 10!

The path is clear: you need a strategic outsourcing partner for lead gen.


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