THE PROBLEM: In the early stages of SaaS business creation, sales leads are driven by relationships and inbound discovery. This means customers are usually diverse and scalability is slow and complex. Other techniques require highly focused and validated audience-value-message fit.

THE SOLUTION: Targeted outbound 1:1 meeting generation. 

TERRITORY: DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

THE NUMBERS: Setup + 6-week campaign learning sprints, 100% full data control.

COSTS: €2.500 monthly retainer + €250 / sales qualified lead


This is a tailored service exclusively for early stage B2B SaaS startups that already have initial customer traction but now want to prepare their business for higher investment-fueled growth and need to prove they are funding ready with a scalable sales model.


Outbound lead generation is focused on testing cohorts of homogenous market segments using sharp messages and results in direct 1:1 meetings. This is ideal for moving beyond target audience / persona theories and value proposition hypothesis. 

As an added bonus, when it generates positive meetings, it is a full scalable, low cost lead source and can often become the primary channel for new business scaling. The systems and messages are easily replicated and volumes increased. 

Predictable lead generation is ALWAYS the key to predicable revenue.


Your SaaS product needs to already have some paying customers getting value— aka. validation stage or better.


The service begins with a 2 day workshop.  This will feel like many other workshops that startups have been though. The concrete outputs of this workshop is a single value/message and a single target audience identification for campaign iteration #1. BizXpand leads the workshop, sources the target audience, crafts the messages, and applies our continuously evolving outbound sales engagement technology and process. 

Clients get 100% visibility and retain all messaging and all prospect information. Dashboards summarize the learning as it materializes for the 6-week learning sprints. Regular reviews result in adjustments and new theories to test in a market segment. 

All of this is staffed by BizXpand and no ongoing monitoring is required other than attending the scheduled 1:1 meetings with interested prospects (sales qualified lead – aka. SQL) and participating in the internal review meetings.
Once we have message-audience fit (aka Product-Market fit on the micro level) we shift the focus to sales and revenue objectives and scaling up the 1:1 meeting output.
BizXpand - Lead Generation Machine
BizXpand Outbound LeadGen Machine produced 622 sales qualified leads in 2021.


  • Design of sharp message-audience pairs.
  • Definitive market feedback of value and audience assumptions and theories. 6-week sprints.
  • Likely, we will have the validated foundation for a scalable outbound lead channel – alone or in a multi-channel cocktail using the learning above (this is the traditional service BizXpand provides to more established SaaS companies.)


Unbiased feedback

Our prospecting methods provide unfiltered and direct feedback from the target group on your value proposition.

Fast iterations

6-week campaign sprints allow fast learning and fast adjustments of message-audience.

New relationships

Our non-salesy approach lets you build trustful relationships in a new market segment or geography.

Growing your social network

Our LinkedIn activities will bring you thousands of new connections from the right target group for your own social media activities.

Well researched contact details

You will get all contact information from the right target group directly in your CRM for future campaigns.

Validated foundation to scale up

You will have a validated foundation (technologies, processes) for scalable revenue focused outbound lead generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We book meetings for international software, SaaS, and IT services companies that want to gain more customers in the German speaking markets and beyond.

Both! Our tactics are ideal to sell high-ticket offers. Characteristics of “high ticket” are:

  • consultative selling
  • multi-touch
  • several decision makers/influencers
  • longer sales cycles, no transactional sales
  • higher customer lifetime value (CLV > €30k)
  • mid size to large enterprises

We use a value-based sales approach. Companies buy from our clients because of the product value and not because of the personal relationships we have.

That’s why we can sell to the HR Manager in large enterprises but also to the Innovation Manager in insurance companies.

We start in DACH (we best understand the German speaking countries), then we expand our services to other countries in Europe.

A sales qualified lead (SQL) is defined as a scheduled and confirmed call with decision makers or decision influencers within the target market that are interested in a conversation with you to learn more about the offer – a.k.a. “QMA – qualified meeting attended

In the OUTBOUND LEADS plan, we reach out to 100* new leads per week, this shall result into 4-8 SQLs per month. This is around 72 additional highly qualified calls, demos and meetings with potential new clients per year – directly in your calendar.

*) Volume can be increased to multiples of 100.

A  success-only based model works well for:

  • Low-ticket offers
  • Very short sales cycles
  • Established brands
  • Established markets and market position
  • More transactional sales
  • Less experienced sales staff needed


We tend to work for companies that meet these criteria:

  • High-ticket offers
  • Need new customer acquisition (as they’re in a new market)
  • Longer sales cycles
  • Brands need to be developed
  • Products need to be differentiated and messages need to be developed and market tested
  • Complexity of new market
  • Experienced business developers required


In these contexts, success-only or commission-only is not such a good idea. 😉   We always charge a retainer and a success fee such as bonus per SQL and commission on revenue.

1. We don’t expect that you have a perfect value proposition ready to go, but ideally you have some good ideas or a proven product-value-fit. Don’t worry, we will develop all that together in the onboarding workshop.

2. You need to have an account executive role to be able to convert the SQLs into sales opportunities and customers (discover the account, explore other decision makers and decision influencers and move them down the sales funnel).

Outbound lead generation is all about generating an uninterrupted and repeatable flow of qualified sales leads and meetings, independent of all the other mostly time-limited marketing campaigns and sales experiments.

Outbound lead generation is also used to objectively test new market segments (geographically, industry, size).

Outbound lead generation shall not be used to quickly find just one new customer. Referrals and relationships work faster here.

After the initial 3 months, OUTBOUND LEADS can be cancelled monthly. No strings attached.


Martin is a passionate B2B sales man. Before he co-founded BizXpand, he worked for several international software and services companies always in the role of a revenue carrying Sales Manager/Director.

We founded BizXpand in 2010 and studied how the world’s fastest growing tech companies scale their business. Constantly we take their best practices in multi-channel lead generation and sales, combine them wisely, and adapt them to the product/market specifics.

Martin Weiss


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