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Four steps to more and better meetings

1. Sharp and compelling messages

Germany is the most difficult market for outbound prospecting. Yet, Germany is also one of the the most valuable markets in Europe. 

Your website, slide decks, and general corporate positioning cannot simply be adapted for outbound messaging. To generate sharp outbound messages needed to push through to the German audience, both founders spend 6 hours with your customer facing teams to stress test your positioning and create an appropriate adaptation for outbound messaging.

Onboarding Workshop

Junior copy writers, ChatGPT, and growth hacking cadence templates are never used at BizXpand.

We regularly get comments immediately following the workshops that this was exceptionally valuable for more than just messaging, but also helped them to think about their business differently.

We configure and maintain all tooling. This also includes tools and services to identify emails, umlaut handling, name cleaning, salutation handling, and even predicting what the prospects preferred language might be.

SourcingData sources are neither precise nor standardized. Linking the Buyer Personas from the onboarding workshop with real job titles in multiple languages requires deep knowledge of the data tools and German business culture & terminology. As a result, our founders do the first sourcing for you.

German business culture is very specific when it comes to sales messaging. A successful outbound message for the German market actually requires the exact opposite of a successful outbound message for the US market in terms of tone, speed, number of repetitions and call-to-actions. Again, always done by the founders!

2. Careful Campaign Preparation

After you have reviewed and approved the sales messaging and target contacts of a campaign, we reach out to 100 new contacts every week with highest integrity, non agressive style on your behalf. As a result, you can expect 4 to 8 highly qualified meetings per month.

While the outbound messages on LinkedIn and email are sent automatically from our tools, all responses from your prospects are replied manually and humanly.


We take care of all follow-up tasks, reminders and transactional emails to organize the web calls between you and the prospects and put the appointments in their and your calendar.

Although our campaigns have very high reply rates, this still means that around 70% will likely not reply. Months later, re-engage with them to try again– always keeping highest integrity, and low pressure. This generates further meetings beyond those in the first campaign.

3. Human communication and consistent Appointment Setting

We believe in openness, and full transparency. All LinkedIn messages and emails are synced to a CRM repository that you own at all times – even after our cooperation.

An online dashboard with major KPIs helps to discuss progress and actions in bi-weekly status calls together with our founders.

All our clients run the same type of sequence (our “secret sauce”). We have all the data to diagnose and/or improve campaign performance over time.Dashboard

4. Full Transparency and razor-sharp analysis

What do you want to know?

Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell:

- You get meetings and not just “positive replies”.
- We understand the German market specifics and business culture.
- We only do High-tech, IT and SaaS.
- We are specialized on complex B2B sales to mid-size and large size enterprises.
- You work directly with the BizXpand founders. No junior account management.

We book sales meetings for high-tech B2B companies that want to grow their sales funnel and win more deals in Germany.

Both! Our tactics are ideal to sell high-ticket offers. Characteristics of “high ticket” are:

- consultative selling.
- multi-touch.
- multiple decision makers/influencers.
- longer sales cycles, no transactional sales.
- higher customer lifetime value (CLV > €30k).
- typical targets: "German Mittelstand" (companies between 200 and 5000 employees) and Large Enterprises (5000+).

We always start in DACH, after proving message-persona-fit in DACH we can expand our services to other countries in Europe.

Currently we run campaigns in BeNeLux, the Nordics, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, and Ireland.

We don't do UK and USA.

Most companies we work with, find a very scalable sales approach with BizXpand for the DACH market and above.

Additional benefits include new feedback channels from your target audience (not just from the ones that buy from you, but also the ones that don’t and reasons why). Also, the process of distilling your values into a message-persona-fit usually triggers new ways of thinking about your general value to customers.

We charge a monthly retainer plus a meeting fee.

A  success-only based business model works well for:

- Low-ticket offers.
- Very short sales cycles.
- Established brands.
- Established markets and market position.
- More transactional sales.
- Less experienced sales staff needed.

We tend to work for companies that meet these criteria:

- High-ticket offers.
- Need new customer acquisition (as they’re in a new market).
- Longer sales cycles.
- Products need to be differentiated and messages need to be developed and market tested.
- Complexity of new market.
- Experienced business developers required.

- A great offering that people need.
- Funding and patience for 3 months to prove success.
- One time participation of key people (with open minds) for the onboarding workshop + a few hours of followup homework.
- A customer facing salesperson eager to attend meetings and willing to fight to convert them into business.

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