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Don’t use your colleague’s sales playbook

What exactly is a sales process? And how individual is it? These are important questions that we often don’t address. We try to pin a sales process down to something that’s repeatable for dozens to hundreds of people, but that might be entirely impossible. Many sales processes are inherently individual.

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German Market

The importance of language in early sales stages

Language isn’t necessarily a big deal for Americans. They grow up speaking English and maybe one or two other languages kinda sorta well through either schooling or a family connection. It’s a much different situation than, say, central Europe — where kids might grow up learning four or more languages.

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B2B sales agent Germany
Outsource Sales

B2B sales agents in Germany: What do you need?

Mostly if you Google around the term “B2B sales agent Germany,” you get a bunch of semi-BS job listings looking for someone who can speak German and English and has about 17 years of selling experience or whatever. (Sadly the base is probably about $60,000 U.S.) This isn’t a job

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