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Lead Generation

EMail marketing in the GDPR era

What do you need to know about email marketing, or at the very least sending emails to prospects, in the “GDPR Era?” Before we get started on this: here’s a look at GDPR slightly past its one-year anniversary in Germany, and here’s a quick look at using voicemail, texting, and

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Go To Market

“Anybody can benefit from our solution!” (Nope.)

“Anybody can benefit from our solution!” This is a common refrain in sales discussions. It makes sense because, to a less-established salesperson, it feels like a way to cast a wide net and get lots of prospects to convert quickly. It makes your solution seem like it can do anything.

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Lead Generation

So, why would people NOT be doing lead generation?

Ever heard of the “spider web effect?” It’s pretty real, and it explains a lot of lead generation program failures. Let’s walk through it. Founders of companies obviously work their own networks first, which makes perfectly logical sense — but eventually, they tap out these personal spider webs and neglect

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B2B Sales

Forget your product. People only buy transformations.

Here’s a question I bet many people would struggle and debate with, even though it sounds pretty easy when asked: What has Apple been selling since Day 1? Here are some of the answers you tend to get: “Tech” (pretty generic) “Intuitive products” (not wrong, and ties in with the

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