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German Market

How to sell SaaS to the German B2B market

The German B2B market for SaaS is tricky, but if you nail it, it can be very profitable for you and your firm. It’s tricky because German buyers are generally very skeptical, even in SaaS sales plays. That means they tend to expect a personal demo or face-to-face meeting, and

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Go To Market

Selling to the mainstream: Take steps back to go ahead

Last week Ted gave us the theory why selling to mainstream is a completely different animal than selling to early adopters. Here’s my hands on experience at Bizxpand. We help international SaaS and software companies expand their business in Central Europe. Our dream client (IDC – ideal customer profile) is

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SaaS sales
B2B Sales

Do you even need SaaS sales?

Funny story: had the chance, a few months ago, to get an American “influencer” on the phone. In this case, “influencer” means someone with a lot of followers on all the social media platforms — but not necessarily any revenue stream outside of speaking or maybe writing. The influencer was

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